Another Animal Rights (Mercy For Animals) group is at it again; releasing videos of animal cruelty on their labeled “factory farms.” This time it’s a swine farm in Iowa that supplies to groceries like Costco and Krogers. The most pig raising I’ve ever done is raising a few for freezer pork as a kid, but over the last year I have featured several pork producers in my blog posts. This seems as good a time as any to recap.

  • In January with my Farm Tour series, I visited with a Clark County, Ohio hog farmer and college student, Sam Wildman, who described life on the farm and his use of social media to share his story.
  • In November I hosted a series of guest posts where Agriculturalists described why they are Thankful for Agriculture. During the course of this series, I highlighted Iowa Farmer Darcy Maulsby, and two individuals with the Oklahoma Pork Council, Brooke Clay and Roy Lee Lindsey. All 3 individuals share great points as they describe why they are proud to be a part of Agriculture, specifically the swine industry.
  • In August of last year, I share this video from Illinois pork farmer, Chad Leman, where viewers can take a tour of his operation.

These are just a few of the posts I have written about hog farmers across the country. There are many, many more individuals just like these who care for their livestock on a daily basis. It’s a shame groups with an agenda attempt to paint awful images of livestock producers with their narrated videos telling viewers what they are witnessing. You should really check out this YouTube page from the Animal Agriculture Alliance where there are several videos from pork producers across the country. A great, first hand depiction of what swine producers are like across the nation.

Have you visited a swine facility? Have you ever visited first-hand with a swine producer? What were your experiences?

Please share with me any links to blog posts or videos that depict swine production. I would love to add them to this post.

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