Writer’s Block: Fielding Your Questions

For the first time in quite a while, I have nothin much to talk about. That or I’ve just been unmotivated to just write it all out. So maybe I’ll just let ya know what we’re up to on the ranch.

Seems like we have been pelted with Spring storms this year. The weather warning tones are now commonplace on the radio and I’m so tired of finding trees down on fence lines, it’s not even funny. Last week I took all 3 chain saws to the shop for a tune up, so maybe I can get caught up soon. Our river bottom keeps flooding every time we get an inch or more of rain upstream. Guess there’s not much of a place for all that water to go right now. So that’s kinda messing up my rotation to new pastures in the bottoms, but luckily with all this water grass is growing well on higher ground.

We have finished up Spring vaccinations. All our cows have their annual vaccinations, fly tags, and dewormers. All of the calves are castrated, tagged, and vaccinated. We have just a few Fall calves left to round-up, but they’re not in the easiest pasture to get up to the corral, so I’m just lettin em hang for a bit.

The bulls have been turned out since the first week in May. They are doing their job, keeping good condition, and I’m counting down til I get to round em up again. We’ll start cutting hay next week. Some of the neighbors have already made a cutting, but we graze out most of our best hay pastures to catch that good early Spring grass. Sometimes it makes better grazing than it does hay.

My horses are doing great. Grullo is a champ except when he decided to have a bit of a bucking fit after a few days off last weekend. Blaze is playing hard to catch, so he’s getting a daily work out. I’ve ridden him 3 times now with no incident. Though he did throw a random bucking fit just as I was about to unsaddle him last week. But he’s got a brain in there somewhere and we’re making progress.

Pistol is being a whinny butt as usual when she gets left in the pickup.

Since I’ve run into a writer’s block of sorts, I thought it’d be a great opportunity to host some questions. Ask me anything about cattle, horses, ranch life, myself, or food/Ag in general. I’ll field the questions in a few posts and some may get a post of their own. I’ll try fitting several of these in all Summer, so please send em my way. Leave a comment on any post, catch me on Twitter (@AR_ranchhand), or leave em on the Facebook page. Or if you’d like email me (agricultureproud@hotmail.com)


  1. I know the feeling of writer’s block. I’m kinda there myself, hence the summer “hiatus” I’m attempting to take. Here’s a few questions I have that are forage-related:

    1. What are the main species of forages that you graze on your ranch? Why these particular species?
    2. What types of pasture management (i.e. soil testing, fertilization, hay/grazing) do you use?
    3. I’m aware that you use rotational grazing on your ranch? What is the theory behind this management strategy? Why does it work well for your operation?

    I hope this gives you some new ideas to write about! I’ll let you know if I have any more.

  2. Hate writer’s block…

    I would love to hear more about your work with Pistol. What have you taught her? What methods have worked well for you? Challenges/successes?

    Jesse’s questions about forage made me think of it – I’d like to hear more about your haying operation. Do you have alfalfa, clover, timothy, triticale? What type of equipment do you use?

    I find it really interesting to read about how ranchers run things in other parts of the country. Maybe you’ve already covered some of the above things in the past, but hope it helps get the words flowing.

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