2 hours a week. Reading God’s Word. 17 minutes 8.5 seconds each day. 7 days per week. It’s the story of the woman at the well. David and Goliath. The message of Habakkuk. Creation and the fall of man. It’s the story of Joseph. Psalm 1-3. It’s the sermon on the mount in 2 days. It’s the trial, crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus in three days.

It’s the amount of time it takes me to pop a bag of popcorn, pour a Dr. Pepper, find a good chair and eat it. To mow my lawn. To drive to a gas station and fill up my car.

The time it takes to walk across OSU’s campus. A third of an OSU lecture class.

It’s an inning of baseball. The time to play one hole of golf. To watch half a quarter of NBA playoff basketball. To watch an episode of Burn Notice on Netflix. To shower and get dressed. To order a #3 combo at McDonalds and eat it. To watch SportsCenter.

The time it takes to watch the sun rise. Or set. To drive halfway from Stillwater to Edmond. To watch 15 commercials. To send 30 text messages.

2 Hours a week. Reading God’s Word. 17 minutes 8.5 seconds a day. 7 days each week. To be consumed by the most important message ever known to mankind.

Some will read this and think of other things that might better serve as examples of 17 minutes 8.5 seconds each day. They might think things such as ‘I’m faster than that!”, “who orders a #3 combo? “ or “he doesn’t read very fast.”

Others will simply pick up God’s Word and spend 17 minutes 8.5 seconds each day. 2 Hours per week. Reading God’s Word.

“…his delight is in the law of the LORD, and on his law he meditates day and night. He is like a tree planted by streams of water…” (Psalm 1)

–A message from Oklahoma State Campus Minister I thought worth sharing