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Cowboy Proverbs with your Sunday morning coffee

It has always amazed me that God created the wonderful landscape that we call “cow country”. When I am out riding in the pastures or mountains, I can’t help but be thankful for being there. I think it is one of the many reasons why farmers and ranchers are so blessed. Here’s a series of […]

200 Bale Peace of Mind

How is hay season going for everyone? I hope it’s off to a better start than last year’s. We’re praying for rain across the country and watching the long-term forecasts with a cringe. Thought it would be a good opportunity to share a few words from my minister’s mind during last year’s hay season when […]

2 Hours a Week

2 hours a week. Reading God’s Word. 17 minutes 8.5 seconds each day. 7 days per week. It’s the story of the woman at the well. David and Goliath. The message of Habakkuk. Creation and the fall of man. It’s the story of Joseph. Psalm 1-3. It’s the sermon on the mount in 2 days. […]

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