The grass may be green and the temperatures getting warmer, but we still have a few herds of cattle eating hay. We kept our 3 year-olds in a smaller pasture because they needed a closer eye during calving and all of our bulls are in smaller traps, so there’s still a few bales to feed. It’s a good thing the grass is turning green though. We have only 8 bales in one barn and 4 in another.

We’re often warned about texting and driving as being a dangerous habit, but what about driving with a round bale of hay blocking the view? Normally I can carry the bale just right where I can see clearly over the top, but thanks to the wrap busting on this bale, my vision was little to none. Thankfully I was only carring this bale on the ranch road. Then it would be my fault if I forgot where I parked my pickup.

With the 2011 growing season not far over the horizon, the amount of farm equipment on public highways is fixin to increase sharply. Watch out for these slow moving vehicles, and be cautious when passing. Pay attention not only to the farm equipment, but also obstacles along the road (bridges, mailboxes, ect) and oncoming traffic. 47% of unintentional deaths in the U.S. are vehicle related. There’s no need to cause an accident becuase your too busy to slow down and smell the roses (especially if its a load of chicken litter!).

Trivia: A slow moving vehicle (smv) sign is required for equipment traveling less than ___ mph and must be visible from ___ feet away. (Answer)

I know it’s not harvest season, but this song is what comes to mind while I’m driving down the highway in my John Deere!

How do you approach the situation when you come upon Agriculture equipment on the roadway?