Sunday ended up being a busy day. I finished all of my chores on the ranch by 11, drove 2 hours, and helped my dad with his chores. It was great to spend some time with him and feed cattle up there. Some unexpected rain moved in late, and on my drive back the interstate was white with hail cover. Glad I just missed that storm!

Many people see the cattle auction as a one day business, but it’s really an all week affair. I helped my dad feed some cows we had out in the pastures and we received some yearlings some producers were bringing in early. Learn more about my family’s cattle auction, what we do during the week, and join the Facebook fan page. We’ve even stepped up and have our auction broadcast online. So, yes you can bid on cattle from your Lay-Z-Boy.

Oh yeah, and at the end of the day we stopped at McAlisters. When I noticed they have a vegetarian menu, I wanted really bad to order the vegetarian sub with extra beef. Gotta be onery, right?