I know ya’ll are just waiting to hear about my latest adventures on the ranch and figure out why I am pulling lyrics from a Brad Paisley song, but you’ll just have to wait…

In case you missed it, I now have a blog on AgWeb.com titled “Ranch Ruminations” covering the thoughts and ideas I encounter on the ranch. I believe this is a great opportunity to share my story with a larger audience and improve my skills along the way, unfortunately this also means I have to do a little give and take. So for the time being I will only be posting on this blog 3 days each week and the other two days you can still hear my thoughts, or ruminations if you will, over on AgWeb. My goal is quality over quantity, so let’s hope this is a move in the right direction.

So for today, head on over to Ranch Ruminations and let me know what you think of today’s post about why we really do need pictures to share our story and how we need to work harder to bring consumers to food production instead of the other way around.

Maybe you’ll enjoy these few pictures, I already have the great memories stuck in my mind.