Deltiology is the study or collection of postcards. I am a confessed deltiologist. I have quite a collection of postcards from Wyoming to Atlanta and even the U.K. and Berlin. Every time family or friends take a trip, I ask they send me a post card so I can learn about those places I may never get a chance to visit.

In 2011 I have set a goal to collect post cards from all 50 states and learn something about Agriculture from each of those states. I thought this would be a really cool way to learn about Agriculture, and add to my collection.

How Can You Help?

Send me a post card from your state and include an AgFact unique to your area. If it were Arkansas, I might write, “Did you know that Arkansas is the largest rice producer in the U.S.? The state’s farmers produce more than 1,326,377 acres of rice annually. That’s 48% of the national crop!” It does not have to be complicated; just make it something unique. Do not feel like you know a unique AgFact? Then this is a perfect learning opportunity.

Card Swap!

Send me a direct message on Twitter or Facebook or email me ( and I’ll give you my mailing address. Be sure to include a return address and I will return the favor with a post card from Arkansas.

This is not limited to the U.S. if you are out of the country go ahead and send me a card. I would love to include international Agriculture as well!

Invest a dollar for the card, the cost of a stamp, and a trip to the mailbox so we all can learn more about Agriculture across the country.

Watch for follow-up postsĀ  featuring each postcard I receive. Each state will have one (1) post and when I receive multiple postcards from an individual state, I will update the respective post. You can view posts in this series by clicking the thumbnail in the right margin or search for “Stamps on Ag Facts”.