This is a repost from Jent’s Front Porch about why her family is Thankful for Agriculture. After sitting her family down one night, she asked why each member of her family is thankful for their life in Agriculture. It’s a great exercise to go through with your family and reflect on why each is thankful for their lifestyle. Try it and let me know how it turns out.

From Jent’s Front Porch:

I am truly Thankful that I grew up on a farm and now live, work and raise my kids on a farm.  I am Thankful that it is a lifestyle not just a job.  I am Thankful that it is something we do as a family.  I am Thankful that everyday can be bring your kids to work day.  I am Thankful that my kids appreciate and enjoy our lifestyle.  I am Thankful that Chris works hard and also loves what he does.  I am Thankful that our lifestyle allows me to be a stay-at-home Mom and still be a part of our business.  I am Thankful we have livestock.  I am Thankful to farm in America.

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