Here it is Saturday morning. I’m up at 5 and getting around for work. Most of the world is still sleeping and dreaming about all of the football games they’ll be watching today. Maybe a little yard work and a short family trip. But not the cattlemen.

We are out and about on our weekends. There’s still cattle to feed, chores to be done, and fences to mend. I remember Saturdays as a kid, going to work with dad, checking cows, fixing fence, and maybe doing some brush-hogging that didn’t get done during the week.

The cattle do not know that it is a weekend, or even a holiday. We’ll find a few sick cattle or maybe a heifer who needs some help calving. We’ll get down in the mud or tired and sweaty, but don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining.

Saturday mornings, I might have an extra cup of coffee, enjoy the sunrise on the High Plains just a little bit longer, catch up on a few things in the office, and heck we might even get out by 5.

We don’t do it for the glory, we don’t do it for the fame. The cattle are important to us and we love the lifestyle all the same. There’s something to that feeling when we ship a load of cattle to the plant, and knowing that all that hard work will be well worth our pain.

Have you Thanked a Rancher for his work done today?