It is finally November. A month where Americans celebrate every reason we are thankful to live in this great nation. Way back at the “First Thanksgiving Feast” the Pilgrims and Indians sat with family and friends to give thanks for a successful harvest. At the end of the month many of us will gather around tables filled with family and food that others have produced. This is a great opportunity to remember all of the hard work farmers and ranchers do to produce that food.

One of the themes for November on this AgProud will be to share why we are thankful to be a part of Agriculture. There are so many reasons to be thankful for the lifestyle, work environment, and connections that come with a life in Agriculture and I want everyone to share these.

  • Guest Post – I will be featuring several guest posts throughout the month, giving others in Agriculture the opportunity to share the reasons they are thankful to be a part of Agriculture. Send me a message to find out how you can be a part of this!
  • Photos – A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Share photos that depict why you are proud to be a part of Agriculture.
  • Write your Own – Use your own blog/website to tell your followers the reason why you are thankful to be a part of Agriculture! Be sure to send me the link so I can share your post with others.
  • Tell a Neighbor – Being Ag-Thankful is not limited to online resources. Get out there and tell your neighbors, co-workers, family, and friends.
  • Be Creative – Come up with your own ideas to tell how you are Ag-Thankful and share them with others.

Why am I thankful to be a part of Agriculture?
Lifestyle – A life in Agriculture has provided so many great things for my family and I. As a kid, ranching provided an opportunity for my family to work together on a daily basis. I grew to love what my parents had a passion for doing and it is now a passion of my own. My family has always had a freezer full of beef, the boots on our feet, and a roof over our heads thanks to our work in the cattle business. Not to mention the work ethic, values, and connection with my environment that I have gained through my work in Agriculture.

Community – There is no other community as connected as those in Agriculture. No matter where I travel, how long I stay, or what I am doing there has always been a connection to others through my work in Agriculture. In college, that community offered me steady job opportunities, friendship, encouragement and support, and as always an open door to a much needed good meal. From the mountains of Wyoming to the Metro of OKC, I have made connections and know that there will be someone there to help when/if I need it. Some of the best people I know, I met through Agriculture.

Contribution – I am so thankful to know I can make a contribution to the world through my work in Agriculture. I know the beef I produce will provide people around the world with a nutritious, filling, and affordable source of food. My work in Agriculture gives me a daily challenge. I am always looking for ways to improve my working environment. How can I improve the performance and quality of life for the cattle I am raising? How can my cattle production contribute to the natural environment I am working in and how can I improve that? I am always challenged with ways to be a better contribution to my community, environment, and world.

I am so thankful that I can be involved in something that affects every person on the planet who eats food, wears clothing, enjoys a weekend drive through rural areas, or sits down to a Thanksgiving meal.

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