Lesson #1,003: How to change a flat tire almost as fast as a Nascar Sprint Cup Series Pit Crew.

True, I’ve changed my share of flat tires in my day. Everything from 4-wheelers and pickups to feed-mixer wagons and John Deere tractors. One of the many things my dad made sure I knew how to do was change a tire.

I’ve been pretty lucky when it comes to having flats on my pick-up, only 3 to date (knock on wood), but the knowledge has come in handy to help several people over the years. Yes, including a few college girls. Nope, no dates from those times. I have even seen grown men looking over their vehicle trying to find the spare. They can be hidden pretty well, but I just assumes that was something we were supposed to just know.

Well today I was walking out United grocery when I noticed I had a flat tire. Only two blocks from the house, I decided to wait till after the milk was in the fridge to investigate. On closer inspection, I had run over a pesky nail on the way to/from church services this morning.

Part of my lesson is never to drive on a leaking tire. Yeah, I could have just aired up the tire and driven to town, but driving on a tire with a nail in it could ruin the tire beyond repair. (Especially considering it’s a 45 minute drive to the only tire store open on a Sunday.)

So changing a tire is as simple as locating the spare tire and jack kit in your vehicle. Jacking up the vehicle.Popping off the hub cap. Taking off the Lug nuts. Off with the old tire.

On with the spare tire. Tighten the lug nuts. Let down the jack. Make sure the lug nut are snug. And collecting all of your debris scattered in the process. And carrying on to the next tire store to let them fix the tire and change the two out. Of course, I reckon if you are mechanically minded, you could put the plug in yourself.

Unfortunately, mechanic skills are just not something my dad passed on to me. I can repeat something once it is shown to me, but forget figuring it out on my own when it comes to mechanic’s work.

Who knew that a pesky little nail could cost me part of my Sunday afternoon nap? And yeah, it’s obvious. I need to wash my pick-up a lil more often from the looks of that spare tire.

Stay tuned. Who knows when I’ll have more Lessons Learned From Ranch Life to Share. Thank God for growing up on the ranch.