Here is the deal. I strongly disagree with bashing competing sectors of Agriculture Production for one’s benefit. I continually see this by people using labels of grain vs grass fed, big ag vs family farm, organic vs conventional. Many tend to use words like “inhumane” to scare people. Because of this constant bashing, consumers shiver at the mention of hormones, antibiotics, and grain-fed. Truth is we are all in the business of feeding people. We all work hard to fit different niche markets and this constant bickering is scaring consumers of food safety as a whole.

This video is a prime example of what I am talking about. Take note the how the words inhumane and hormones are used and how the journalist and person being interviewed describe the situation in a way that the audience will be scared into believing in their product.

This is where I need your help. How can we, food producers as a whole, work together to stop criticizing competing production methods and still work to fit our niche markets? The constant bashing and bickering of our competitors is not getting us far in the scheme of things. We are in the business of providing a safe food supply for a global market and we all can find our place in these markets.

So help me find a solution to this problem. How can we work together for the better of all food producers? How can we promote grass-fed beef without dishing conventional, grain-fed beef and stop the lies, distorted truth, and add accountability to our current production methods?