Since I have moved to Texas, I have been without internet, hence the hiatus from posting regular blogs. Although, I plan to get this problem fixed this coming week. I would like to take this opportunity to ask what you want to hear from this blog.

Are there particular stories, problems, or issues that you would like to be addressed? I can try my best to find someone who works in that area of agriculture that is working to share their story.

Do you know someone that would be great for an upcoming post? Send me a contact for them and I will work to get their story in a future post.

Would you like for your blog, website, story, or photos to be featured in the future? Send an email to and I can fix you up!

I am planning great things for this blog in the future. So many more stories to share, people to introduce, and connections to be made. I want this to be a place where you can turn to hear the real stories of production agriculture, “Straight from the Horse’s mouth!”

Be sure check up on the “I am Agriculture Proud” group on Facebook for great networking opportunities as well as the #AgProud tag on Twitter.

Until next time,

–Ryan Goodman