Here is an introduction to a new effort to share stories from the great people in production agriculture with the consuming public in urban areas! Pam Fretwell recently launched the “Consumer Ag Connection” radio show. This is a 2-3 minute radio show that works to bridge the gap between urban consumers and those farmers and ranchers who produce their food.

On the website, Pam describes the goal of the radio show.

To put a “human” element back intro agriculture. To educate consumers that there are human beings associated with farming – that farming is a way of making a living, and a way of living life.

To find out what consumers don’t know about agriculture. To find out what questions and misconceptions they have about their food, fuel and fiber production, to connect them with the appropriate people and experts to answer their questions.

Just this week Pam featured myself on her show, introducing my idea of sharing why I am “Agriculture Proud”. Thank you Pam for sharing my story. Hopefully others will find this blog full of interesting facts and new knowledge.

Currently the radio show can be heard in parts of Illinois, in St. Joe, Missouri, and on the RFD radio network. Be sure to check out the “Consumer Ag Connection” website and watch for the radio show to come to your area.

Thank you Pam Fretwell for doing your part to share the great stories of agriculture with consumers!