I have been off-line for a lil over a month now (stupid cable company here in the Panhandle), so exactly how long is that in internet time? It sure seems like a decade. I have more to catch up on than I will ever be able to grasp.

Things are going great here in Dalhart, Texas. I am a month into my new job as a management trainee for the feedyard and I am loving it. I am working with receiving and shipping. Basically I receive any cattle that come into the yard, oversee the processing, and do all of the pen moves around the feedyard. I am so lucky I do not have to be at the yard for the 4:30 AM shipping, at least not yet.

I am super excited about plans for my “Agriculture Proud” blog. Things will be revving up on there soon with great links, stories, and ideas to help you share your story of Agriculture with others in your communities. Don’t forget to check out the facebook group, I am Agriculture Proud, because it is a great networking site for others with an interest in sharing the true story of agriculture.

I have been working on some ideas for sharing my story from the feedyard. It’s going to be a first-person point of view of the work going on in the feedyard. Be sure to be following my blogs as well as my Twitter posts. I am using the #feedlot tag to share my story of what is happening on a daily basis.

Whew, I really could spend all day on here catching up on what has happened over the last month, but I’ll save that for future posts.
Until next time, ARranchhand