This is my land, or my families land, but we've hunted and been friends with the man who owns this land, Neil Cassell. He grows a hay crop on it every year and every few years brings cattle down into the field. This land has been farmed for the past 150 years at least. The gravesites on the side of the hill date back to 1840, as a date of death...its just amazing to know that there have been people there that long. --Kelsey Carter
I am Agriculture Proud because of my heritage. I didn't grow up on the farm but come from Western Kansas wheat farmer stock. My great grandfather, C.J. Angell, was a Kansas pioneer who invented a disc plow designed to "kill volunteer wheat and weeds while running at a depth of 2"-3", leaving a perfect seed bed for imme...diate sowing of the grain." A model of the plow is on display at the Kansas Historical Society in Topeka. --Daren R Williams
I am Agriculture Proud because of the beauty in the crops, the land, the animals, and the people who care for it all. Agriculture is the beginning of everything in our world, and without it, we could not have anything else. --Kaitlyn Nelson