Agvocate Photos

Here I'm teaching 4th graders about rabbits. This is a special event held at our county fairgrounds to teach kids about agriculture, the environment, and nutrition. --Kelly M. Rivard
Checking cows
My family takes pride in carign for our cattle. We may not have a registered herd or a commercial herd with years of genetics. What we do have is gentle, good producing cattle that provide an income for the bills and groceries on the table. No matter the weather, snow, ice, sun, hot, or cold, we take care of our cattle 365 days every year (yes, even before Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners) because they are a part of our family. WE ARE AGRICULTURE PROUD! --Ryan Goodman


  1. Is it bad that the first thing I thought when I saw this wasn’t, “I’m so touched! Ryan included me!”

    No…it was, “I really miss having long hair like that!”

    But right after that, I got warm-fuzzy feelings. Thanks, Ryan. Way to be Ag Proud and share it!

  2. I love this blog! I am an artist in Montana who loves to paint farm trucks and farm buildings and animals… I am finding much inspiration in your writings! Thank you

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