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Arches Ultra 50k and 50 mile – Moab

The middle of January isn’t the best time to be looking for a warm long run, unless you live in the southern tier of states. But in Colorado, it doesn’t take much to be warmer. That’s why I usually look toward the desert this time of year for a good run – at least it […]

National Ag Day — Retirees Finding Success as Four Country Gals

Today’s Ag Day Post is by “The Four Country Gals” began farming their 9.6 acre property in 2007. In six short years, they have developed a sustainable farm on the SW Utah high desert. All four are retired from very stressful careers and find the business of both produce farming and small animal wrangling to be both fun and […]

AgProud: Family Dairy Farming

What’s it like to be on the same land your family has farmed on since the 1800s? Trent Bown knows and it’s something to make him Agriculture Proud. I’m excited to have this Utah family dairy farmer featured on my month-long series about the diversity of Agriculture. He does a great job showing how a […]

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