Live From The Small Stage

My love for live music runs deep. I'm not talking about those big stage concerts where the music overpowers the vocals and everything sounds overproduced like it does on mainstream radio. I'm talking about what happens on the small stage. Where the fans and artists have a much closer connection. My first introduction to real live … Continue reading Live From The Small Stage

Steeldrivers – "Where Rainbows Never Die" (Video)

I've always enjoyed a little bluegrass feel to my music. I love many of the tunes from Oh, Brother Where Art Thou, and Dierks Bentley has an awesome bluegrass infused album. The Steeldrivers are a group that really blend Country and Bluegrass well. They are more connected to Nashville artists, but I first heard them … Continue reading Steeldrivers – "Where Rainbows Never Die" (Video)