I’ve always enjoyed a little bluegrass feel to my music. I love many of the tunes from Oh, Brother Where Art Thou, and Dierks Bentley has an awesome bluegrass infused album. The Steeldrivers are a group that really blend Country and Bluegrass well. They are more connected to Nashville artists, but I first heard them on my Texas music radio stations. The fiddle, banjo, mandolin, guitars, and vocals blend just right and hit this spot. This song “Where Rainbows Never Die” is probably one of their most popular, next to “If It Hadn’t Been For Love“, and my favorite so far. Guess it’s a little change up from my normal Red Dirt and Texas Country tunes.
Lyrics for “Where Rainbows Never Die”
I’m an old man now
I can’t do nothing
Young folks don’t pay me no mind
But in my day I sure was something
Before I felt the heavy hand of time

I’m an old man now
I’m bound for glory
Time to lay these burdens down
Had enough of this old world of worry
Gonna trade my troubles for a crown

I will make my way across the fields of cotton
And wade through muddy waters one last time
And in my dreams I come out clean
When I reach the other side
West of where the sun sets
Where rainbows never die

I’ve got on last thing to do
One more mile before I’m through
Casting off these earthly chains
Going where theres no more pain


I’m an old man now
Can’t do nothing
Young folks don’t pay me no mind

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