Armyworms Impact Southern Pastures

This month you begin seeing ranchers scouting the fields (rather what's left of them), or even on their knees with hands in the grass. Other than praying for rain, we're looking for an army of caterpillars. These are not your average young butterfly, but rather, as a group, these worms can wipe out pastures in … Continue reading Armyworms Impact Southern Pastures

AgBoards Announces #HayTalk Chat on Twitter

Attention forage producers and consumers, make room in your **Thursday** schedules for an hour of hay, forage, and grazing discussions on Twitter.  Starting Wednesday, August 10th, at 8:00 p.m. EST, AgBoards brings you #HayTalk Chat using the Twitter hashtag, #haytalk. The AgBoards Network (@agboards) creators of and, amongst other farming sites, have teamed … Continue reading AgBoards Announces #HayTalk Chat on Twitter

Agriculture Students Adapt Blogging Efforts

Check out this article featuring several young producers using blogging and other social networking tools to share the stories about agriculture. The popularity of a blog based on agriculture is not a new concept. Ree Drummond, a cattle rancher's wife and Oklahoman, launched a highly successful blog and cookbook in 2009, both titled "The Pioneer … Continue reading Agriculture Students Adapt Blogging Efforts