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First ultra of 2018 – This week in beef, running and travel

This week provided a few different challenges for running goals. On one hand, my travel was extended due to a snow storm and I had meetings all day that interrupted my training plans. On the other, I signed up for a 50k run in Moab with relatively little training. Both could pose very real challenges […]

Cowboy Ethics – Not just a Code of the West

Have you read Cowboy Ethics – a book focused on showing the financial world how far they have moved away from the values and principles that some of this country’s greatest heroes lived for? Originally, I bought the book because I was intrigued by the photography of the American West, but as soon as I opened the book […]

Book Review: We Pointed Them North

Kinda proud of myself, I have been a bit more committed to my Readings and Ruminations book list recently. Last week I finished another first-hand account from a Cowboy on the trail in the late 1800s. We Pointed Them North is a collection of tales from Edward Charles (Teddy Blue) Abbott, as he told them […]

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