Book Review: The Litigators by John Grisham

I’ve been adding to my enormous book shelf lately. My pile of books to be read seems to be really catching up with me since I have started back into classes.

I’ve always been a John Grisham fan (own every single one of his books) so it was really hard for me to wait til Christmas to read his latest book, The Litigators. But, who can complain when books make great Christmas gifts and I get to use the extra money to cover the bills?

The Litigators is another law firm thriller from Grisham. I miss the Southern, small-town law firms from many of his earlier books. There just seems to be so much more character development in his earlier writings. The latest edition takes place in a two partner Chicago law firm, where the lawyers specialize in ambulance chasing. A third lawyer enters the picture when he cracks under the stresses of corporate law, spends a day on a bar stool, and ends up in the front door of our main characters. The main story line carries us through a legal battle with a major drug company (rehashing of old story line here). The over-zealous ambulance chaser decides to jump on board with the mass tort boys and finds himself in a pickle when the drug turns out to be perfectly fine. Grisham really drags us through the court series, but the excitement picks up as the case draws near. The book has a good ending, but I won’t spoil it for ya. The last 100 pages are well worth the wait.

I really miss the earlier excitement and suspense of A Time To Kill and The Firm and wish Grisham would return to small town Mississippi or Memphis for a few more stories. He doesn’t do as well creating story lines in large cities. But all in all The Litigators is a definite good read for Grisham fans.

Turns out Grisham is taking on America’s Favorite Pastime with a baseball novel, Calico Joe, due to be in stores April 10th. Too bad my birthday isn’t until August… Can’t wait!

Have you read the book? What are your thoughts? What are your favorite Grisham books?


  1. I think Grisham ahs sort of sold out to the Hollywood moguls…. a lot of his later writing seems to be nerly screen paly ready. I haven't read this latest one, but will put it on the list.

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  3. Never has Grisham written a funnier work. The characters are interesting and sympathetic, but also highly comic! The ultimate of the cholesteral drug lawsuit is almost inevitable from the beginning, but the final reversal of fortunes is most gratifying. Don't know if the law really always works this way, but perhaps it should.

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