Life happens and time changes things. We learn how to buy better beef, runner smarter races, and write better blog posts.

As my blogging efforts near a decade, I realized it may be time for those to change as well. Agriculture Proud will always be an important chapter in my story, but recognizing that my story-telling has headed down a different trail, I admitted it was time to hit refresh.

I have spent the past six months reflecting more up who my audiences have grown to be, who I want them to be and how I am sharing my story in a sustainable way that is not a black hole for time. After doing a little brainstorming, I finally landed on my path forward and hit publish on a few of the final steps in that transition.

Beef. Runner. Travel.

Beef Runner Travel BlogThose three terms have come to identify what I am passionate about and where I invest my time (and money). Just as my career path has grown and evolved, so have my interests and investments. I’m no longer spending every day in the pasture. Instead, I’ve pursued other ways to make contributions to agriculture and empower others to strengthen their skill sets.

Running and Travel fueled by Beef definitely sums up what I can be found doing day in and out. Whether I am training for my next ultramarathon, headed down the road for work, or seeking out the best beef dish in town, these are components of the stories I am sharing.

Introducing Beef Runner Blog

What can you expect ahead on the blog now that it has taken a different direction? I’m sure I will take some flak for changing my brand, but I have learned to enjoy the adventure of a new trail.

Beef. – I grew up on the ranch in Arkansas and spent six years studying cattle in school. I’ve worked on ranches and cattle feedlots across the country and even dipped my toes in policy. Now I work to support the beef cattle community and its advocates across the country. Beef is what fuels my journey, passion, and running.

Runner. – After tripping over numerous hurdles at a junior high school track meet, I lost interest. A weekly 5k with a pint at the beer market brought joy in grad school. My legs really kicked into gear when I moved to Montana and hit the trails. After completing my first Ragnar Relay in Napa Valley, I knocked out my first half marathon, took on the marathon and stepped into the world of ultrarunning with 50 milers and an upcoming 100 km race in 2018. Running keeps me inspired and brings new adventures every week.

Travel. – As my career has evolved and taken me from one end of the country, so has my sense of adventure and hunger for more travel. If I’m not traveling for work, I’ve been known to buy a last-minute ticket for a weekend adventure. I want to run new trails and rack up #ExperiencesNotThings. And I’ve figured out how to do this affordably by making my everyday spending work for me to earn free miles, points. Status with airlines and hotels just makes the journey more comfortable as I adventure in National Parks and discover new trails in every state.

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Grand Canyon North Rim
Running Trails in the Grand Canyon

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Thank you to all those who have followed me for nearly a decade of stories. Here’s a toast to all those new stories ahead.

Now, I’d love to hear from you…

If you had to identify you big three buckets of interest in life and writing, what would yours look like? Let me know in the comments.