Preparation Motivation Opportunity LuckDo you ever see a successful, dedicated person and wish to yourself, “Man, if I could just be as lucky as them!”? I know I have been in that position, which can easily lead to feeling depressed about my own situation – whether it be life, friendships or careers. Great luck and success is obtainable, but we shouldn’t leave it to chance.

Some encouraging advice hit me while driving across southeastern Montana this week in the middle of my podcast playlist. In Season 3 Episode 1 of the podcast, Trail Talk by Rock Creek Runner, the topic of creating our own luck stuck with me.

Sure it sounds great to run into luck in our pursuit of goals, but we often have to work to create those opportunities. This is a lesson that we should all apply in our lives, especially for those working to be stronger leaders in our communities.

Everyone struggles at times. We don’t see all the hard work, failed goals, blisters, tough times that get people to success. Even the best and most dedicated among us have to fight for endless motivation and passion. The catch is everyone can have luck if we choose to have it. In his podcast, Rock Creek Runner shares the formula to creating our own luck as having preparation + motivation + opportunity.

As an example, see of how Frank Underwood (House of Cards) created his own road to success despite coming from a less than ideal background in the field of national politics. Or think about the large number of farmers and ranchers in our own community who worked to build successful businesses from scratch. Those results didn’t come out of thin air – or blind luck.

We have to be smart enough to put systems in place, strong enough to work hard and motivated to take risks and make real progress. Create your own luck and have the tools to succeed to reach your goals.

These are just a few highlights from the podcast. Be sure to listen to the full episode – Creating your own luck on Trail Talk by Rock Creek Runner – and think about how you can apply this to your own pursuit of success and luck in life. See all posts in my #AgLead series here.

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