Android Dashboard on the UT Beef Cattle Repro app.
UT Beef Cattle Repro app in the Google Play store.

There’s an app for everything, almost. Now cattle farmers and ranchers can add being able to manage their cowherd breeding schedules to that list! This is an exciting to have accessible because one hesitation for cattle producers to adopt better management in their breeding programs is complicated scheduling. This is one tool that may help ease that process.

University of Tennessee Extension Beef programs have put their resources to create the “UT Extension Beef Cattle Repro” mobile application.¬†The app is available to¬†download at the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.

During my 2.5 years at the University of Tennessee, I worked with a number of great researchers and scientists specializing in methods that help cattle producers better manage the reproduction and breeding plans in their beef herds. So I know first hand the people behind this program had the producer in mind when creating the mobile app.

According to the app description, “This app is designed to assist beef producers in keeping up with their reproduction programs for their herds. In this app you will be able to set cow and heifer AI programs, record bull and cow information. Record calving dates and information and much more.”

Creating a Timed AI breeding schedule on the UT Beef Cattle Repro app.
Creating a Timed AI breeding schedule on the UT Beef Cattle Repro app.

I appreciate the ease of creating schedules for a number of breeding programs – natural-pasture breeding or AI programs (including several programs for cows or heifers depending on your preference of complexity). The app also allows you to upload individual animals sorted into calving groups. Select any of the options after all this done and I especially appreciate the ability to quickly add the schedule and reminders using your preferred app directly on your phone. If it’s not on my Google Calendar, I might be in trouble!

Other handy features included in the app are links to several resources provided by University of Tennessee Extension, a library of educational videos for the livestock producer, current weather, and live CME markets all from the app Dashboard.

If you are a cattle producer with a busy schedule and are looking for an easy way to keep up with breeding schedules and calving dates, I’d definitely recommend the Beef Cattle Repro app from the University of Tennessee Beef Cattle Extension programs on the Google Play and Apple App stores.

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