There are certainly worse ways to spend a week on the road. After all, I love new travel adventures Last week, I packed the bags for 6 days of travel, meetings and wrapped up with hosting a golf tournament at Big Sky Resort. The event was a fundraiser for the Stockgrowers Foundation and included a gala dinner and golf tournament.


travel big sky golf courseBig Sky golf course reflecting a few Fall colors.

Big Sky Travel

The Big Sky golf course is the only one I’ve ever been on, but it certainly gets great reviews from teams. We were only two teams shy of filling the course’s capacity for our tournament this year! It’s beginning to feel a bit like Fall. Between all the smoke that’s been sticking around, there are a few leaves trying to fall and we’re seeing morning temps in the 40s on a more regular basis!

After celebrating the introduction to my late-20s in meetings and on the road, I stuck around the resort with 2 co-workers on Friday night. Saturday morning, we took the lift up toward Lone Peak for a better view of the place and an unplanned brief trip up a few trailheads.

My first ride up the ski lift!

My co-workers are crazy and there is always unexpected fun to be had on the road. Someone will fall. Someone will find an odd encounter. There are always great laughs to be had.

Honestly, I’m not much of a skier. I’d rather keep my feet on solid ground running. So I’d never actually taken a lift up the mountain. Not so great to be dangling in the air, but the views were definitely worth the ride!

Amazing views above the resort at Big Sky. The mountains around are incredibly dry.

Hiking at Big Sky

I took the opportunity to hike up a little higher for some amazing views of Lone Peak. It was incredibly quiet. The resorts in the region have really taken to hosting the mountain biking community during summers, a great supplement to their winter incomes in light of recent dry winters.

Yes, unplanned detour on the trails had me in jeans, but I did think to wear my Merrells that morning. Next trip will be in full out trail running gear!

I definitely would consider taking up mountain biking as my next travel adventure, but look forward to expanding my ability in trail running first. I see a summer lift pass in my future to hit some of those high altitude trails. There are several great mountains around the region to explore.

Lots of gravel and loose rocks along the trails surrounding Lone Peak

Here’s to living in Big Sky Country and more great travel adventures on the trails!


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