Take time to watch the sunrise

When was the last time you got up early enough to watch the sunrise? And, no, I don’t mean peaking out your window. I mean, sitting outside, in solitude, and watching the sunrise from start to finish. From the point where the stars are bright until the last of the circle is above the horizon. I used to watch these events unfold every morning while doing my rounds at the feedlots in Texas. There’s just something about having a flat landscape and being able to see the entire scope of the horizon that makes it special – being able to watch the whole world wake up.

I had the opportunity to do this during my cross-country trip this past summer when we camped out at Fort Reno, Oklahoma, just outside of Oklahoma City.

First, you have to start out when everything is still pitch black and only the stars are shining.

Sunrise photos oklahoma
Then you wait as the colors on the horizon start unfolding to brighter shades.
oklahoma sunrise
Next thing you know a little more color starts to show. (The Oklahoma sunrises are always extra Orange!)
oklahoma sunrise historic barn
But don’t forget to notice how things change closer to you
oklahoma sunrise
Then you keep on waiting (This is the part where you are clearing your head and beginning your day with a fresh start)
oklahoma sunrise
Oh, wait! I think I see something…

oklahoma sunrise
Yep, there it is!

Trust me, it’s worth watching the entire event unfold.

If you’re ever in the Oklahoma City area. Go check out the Fort Reno area. It is just West of El Reno and is a historic land mark full of history from war times, and now also serves as a USDA research station for forages and livestock. After all, the purpose of our trip was studying grazing lands ecology. We just had to make the most of it. See more photos from my trip on Flickr.

oklahoma sunrise
Enjoy your day!
fort reno oklahoma
Old war-time quarters at Fort Reno
fort reno oklahoma
Quarters at Fort Reno

I am so very Thankful for the opportunities I have to enjoy such a scene in this world, because many people do not have that opportunity and we’re only here for so long.



  1. My wife and I have moved around the country a number of times and typically have settled near or in the midst of an urban setting. Several years ago we purchased 20 acres, our last move, wherein the house faces an open valley and overlooks my pasture land. In comparison to what we were familiar with, this is a state park setting.

    In the early morning the sun comes up on our left and sets one the right of our porch where we can see both events if we were to sit around all day. Morning coffee on a Sat/Sun is so beautiful. God’s awesome.

  2. Countless mornings when I was in high school, I watched the invisible artist paint the morning sky, as I cleaned the free-stalls. Nothing like it in the world. Last summer I once again had the opportunity to enjoy it daily on the 45 minute commute to work. Now I am milking 2nd and 3rd shift and a lot of my days end as Cinderella’s did with the clock striking midnight. Don’t get many opportunities to beat the sun up now. When it gets warmer and I have an evening off, I am going to set the alarm and walk out to the airport tower to watch it from there!

  3. Watching the sun rising (or setting) can be really refreshing. Anymore, I never have time to because I am always busy with something or another, and I tend to take advantage of all of the extra sleep I can get. I think that everyone (me included) can just get so caught up in the fast-paced world that we live in, and we forget to take in the natural beauty that is all around us everyday. So thanks for this post because it definitely reminded me that sometimes I need to just slow down and take in what is around me.

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