Lonesome Wyoming Roads – The Road Goes On Forever

Wyoming open ranch road

The Road Goes On Forever and the party never ends… Robert Earl Keen

This sight gets me excited. Such a lonesome and open road has such a story to tell. There are many changes in terrain, many antelope to watch, and even a few ranchers driving a herd of cattle down the road to new pasture. Many folks call the open roads of the West empty. I call them adventures yet to be explored. — in Medicine Bow, WY.

My #BigSkyMove has finally come to a close. When I start driving, I usually don’t stop, but I will break my trip into several days. When I was out on the roads of Wyoming, there wasn’t much stopping for photo ops like my friend Janice took the opportunity to do, but I will capture a snapshot of the road before me. There are many stories and photos yet to share, but this one stands out for me. The American West is full of history, and culture, and mystery. And my exploration has only begun.


  1. Such a beautiful photo! Thanks for sharing. I’ve always wanted to visit Wyoming and all it has to offer, I hope some day to achieve that goal. Best of wishes in your travels and have a safe journey!

  2. Looking forward to hearing/sharing about your new adventure! Thank you for taking all of along for the ride 😉

  3. Ryan, you’re gonna love exploring the West. There’s so much to see at every turn. Get used to the “lonesome roads” as there an abundance of them out here. The incredible fresh air, the seasons, the azure blue sky, they all work to keep a transplant “out West”.

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