A few days ago, I wrote about the Atlas blizzard that struck South Dakota and surrounding states. That post has links to several news stories and perspectives from the agriculture community. (Be sure to check back, it’s been updated with more links.) This disaster still hasn’t received large national attention, though some media outlets have run stories (LA Times, CNN, Fox News, Washington Post, Weather Channel, NBC News).

Support for the ranchers has been flooding in from the agriculture community across the country. A Ranchers Relief Fund has been established to directly support those affected by the storm. Many state agricultural organizations have pledged support and groups like the AgChat Foundation have teamed up with the American Farm Bureau Federation and Tyson Foods to raise awareness on the campaign.

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Purchase Sweatshirt to support ranchers devastated by Atlas Blizzard

There are several routes to donate to the Ranchers Relief Fund. I’m glad to support one effort by some South Dakotans in the form of a hooded sweatshirt available for purchase. All Proceeds will be donated to the Atlas Blizzard Ranch Relief and Aid. On the front is a design created to represent the states affected by the heart of the storm.

Support Atlas Blizzard Rancher Relief Fund South Dakota Wyoming Nebraska Agriculture

On the back is a quote that represents the unified strength of the agriculture community. “Agriculture, It’s more than part of life. It’s a passion, a lifestyle, a resilient community that works hard to feed the world!” I’m honored that these folks asked to use my quote in the effort and hope to raise awareness for the Ranchers Relief Fund.

Agriculture lifestyle community feeding the world quote

The sweatshirt is only $26 and you can purchase at this link. There is also an effort in Montana to take cattle donations for those ranchers affected. To learn about more ways you can help, see this post from Jenn Zeller, The South Dakota Cowgirl.

Be sure to check out the Rancher Relief Fund Facebook pageAtlas Blizzard Ranch Relief and Aid Facebook page and the SDSU Extension pages for continuous updates.