I have to give it up to some awesome friends who have kept me extremely busy over the past few weeks. Anniversaries of significant events are always hard, especially when it’s losing a parent, but it’s getting easier. I’ll be able to write about it all one of these days. 7 years and counting.
There’s always a few songs that come to mind and hit a chord time and again. Friday night I went to a Dierks Bentley concert and it reminded me of this tune. He didn’t sing it, but gives me a smile just to remember… I’m gonna get there some day.

Lyrics for Dierks Bentley “I’m Gonna Get There Some Day”
Well its been a year and there so much to tell
been doing alright in spite of myself
just wish i could stop feeling bad when i pray
But I know I’m gonna get there someday

Got that job I was dreaming about
sometimes its tough traveling around
but who i wanna be still seems so far away
but i know i’m gonna get there someday

glad i told you all i meant to
while i had the chance
cause every moment i had with you
made me who i am

by the way, i met someone new
and wouldn’t you know, she’s a whole lot like you
still i ain’t ready to settle down in one place
but i know i’m gonna get there someday

well i guess i’ll be movin on
i’ll just leave these daisies by your stone
and momma, i still miss you every day
but i know i’m gonna get there someday

when that’ll be, guess only God can say
but i know i’m gonna get there someday
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