There are times when several things swirl together and the ideas that come out can be fun to watch. And of course some of those ideas can be stinkers too…. But let’s hope this one is really good. So let’s get to it!

The “Big Idea”

Flat Ryan checks out bacon & Tabasco Sauce

We have created four different Flat Ryan paper dolls. You can download, print, color & tour Flat Ryan around your farm, ag areas of your state, etc. Take photos of him learning new things, enjoying himself, being goofy, etc…. whatever works! You can share the photos several ways:

  1. Share photos & video on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Vine as you have adventures using the #FlatRyan hashtag and tell people they can learn more at
  2. Email the explanations, photos (as attachments), and embed codes for videos to and we will start posting guest posts. 🙂 Don’t forget to put in the hyperlinks you think will help people get more info and a few sentences of your biography.

Why do a Flat Ryan series?

  1. Jake & Flat Ryan eat breakfastRyan has taken some needed steps back and he truly needs to stay focused on finishing the research for his master’s degree and the next step in his career path.
  2. His friends, some of whom call themselves Banditas for their stealthy work to continue the efforts of showing why we are ag proud, don’t want to see the blog neglected.
  3. Ryan loves ag facts & trivia. Flat Ryan will get his agnerd on as people help him learn about some of the cool things that happen in their part of the world!
  4. I loved doing the Flat Stanley goes to the farm series of posts for my nephew Jake (who even helped Flat Ryan get a bite of breakfast… we talked about where the bacon we were eating came from!). And I was blown away by the number of people who were willing and interested to help explain the basics of their farm or other part of agriculture on a simple basis. So take that idea, retool it and bam!
  5. Ryan loves to travel to see new things, this is a chance for him (and the rest of us) to travel vicariously to farms, ranches, etc throughout the US (and hopefully around the world). Jake’s Flat Stanley went to 15 states and one foreign country…. I’d like to think we can beat that!
  6. Look how cute Flat Ryan is as his happy go lucky self, a strangely excited or terrorized guy, regular dudeness or a goofy or grossed out expression! You can download the PDF file of all four Flat Ryans here.

various Flat Ryan expressionsWill you host Flat Ryan for an educational tour of your farm & area?