Feeling the Southwest Airlines LUV

Yeah, Southwest deserves a little meme LUV

I had a blast last month attending the AgChat Foundation Conference in Kansas City. We had just over 100 people in attendance; mostly farmers, ranchers, and those who provide support for Agriculture industries.

Everyone had such a great time meeting in real life, those who we had networked with online. Because so many of us are operating on smaller budgets, it’s great when we can find airlines who provide dependable service and affordable rates. For so many people in attendance, that meant flying with Southwest Airlines!

Every time I’ve flown across the country, I’ve been on a Southwest plane. I can spot that Southwest Canyon Blue plane as I’m driving past an airport and looking up in the sky. I’ve flown through Amarillo, Dallas, Houston, Little Rock, Phoenix, Denver, Midway (Chicago), Nashville, and now Kansas City! Every employee with SWA has been a great sport.

WooHoo for extra leg room for tall people!

I usually get the EarlyBird Checkin, just at the right time to snag a seat by the Emergency Exits. This is pretty important for a guy who is 6’4″ with extra long legs. The flight attendants always greet me with a smile when I ask about sitting there. I’ve only been delayed on two flights, and that was because we were flying in and out of Houston as a hurricane was approaching from the Gulf. Usually, I get to the airports ahead of schedule with Southwest Airlines!

One thing that’s really cool these days is the number of companies using social media to connect with their customers. Southwest Airlines goes above and beyond with this on their Facebook page! (They even tweeted me back during my trip, but I’ve failed to find a screenshot of the tweet.)

How cool is it that Southwest supports their communities! Being a huge Texas Country fan, I thought it was pretty cool how this Dallas-based company supports the Boot Campaign for our troops and their families. Jack Ingram even performed on one of their flights. Maybe one of these days I’ll get to see an in-flight concert.

One member of the awesome Southwest crew!

I always enjoy the conversations on the flights, no matter how brief the flight may be. Everyone on an airplane has a story. An easy conversation starter is a simple, “Where are ya headed?” The conversations usually get around to agriculture when I talk about what I do in life, but it’s a great opportunity to listen to others’ stories and hear their thoughts on farming. Most people have some connection to farming. Even if it’s a few generations back, most have an appreciation and fond memory.

So here’s to YOU Southwest Airlines! THANK YOU for bringing myself and so many of my farming friends to and from Kansas City at the end of last month! Your great rates and friendly service helped us network and learn to better use Social Media to share our stories of Agriculture and answer our customers’ questions about food and farming!

Have you had a positive experience while flying Southwest? Share the LUV and let em know about your experience!

Ah yes! I discovered SkyMall thanks to @DairyCarrie!
Hello Colorado!
Hello Kansas!
Waiting to unload at Denver

Have you had any interesting conversations on a flight or in an airport?


  1. One of my early posts that got such large readership that I was caught off guard was about a flight I made on a really tight connection in Atlanta that left me speechless or ready to rant one http://janiceperson.com/cotton/middleground/ but the vast majority of my flights are like yours, where I sit next to someone and depending on whether folks want to talk or not, agriculture eventually comes up. Guess its cause like you I tend to wear agriculture embalzoned across my chest — or at least in the cotton luggage tag.

    I really enjoy talking to folks (like you didn’t know that) and a few times knowing I’ve been on a flight with a lot of farmers I’ve made a special request. One time headed to a cotton meeting the flight attendant surprised even me when I asked if she’d do a shout out to the cotton farmers on the flight. She not only said thank you for her favorite pair of jeans but said she’d be thinking about them since we were in a drought! One of the highlights of a Delta flight home from Hawaii for me was getting the flight crew to thank the farmers on the flight for the cotton, peanuts, soybeans, etc they produced. We were coming back from a farm bureau meeting so quite a few enjoyed the shout out. Love seeing those farmers faces as they tend to be a bit surprised to hear about more than seatbelts!

  2. Great post! It is quite unusual to find a blog post that is actually positive about an airline and it´s service…a blog post that is not bragging about delays or that the orange juice is not cold or the flight attendant hot enough. I thank YOU Ryan for that as a person professionally familiar with the flight industry.

    1. Thanks Kerstin! Glad I can leave some positive feedback. SWA has always been kind to me. I’m flying Delta next month, but that’s only because Southwest doesn’t service Knoxville, TN where I am flying out of now.

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