The Absent-Minded Professor

I’ve been a bit absent minded the past few weeks. Between the end of classes, finals, moving back to Middle Tennessee for the summer, cheering on my buddy in the Warrior Dash, and coming home to see the folks, I would have lost my head if it wasn’t screwed on tight. The future doesn’t look any slower. I have a brother and sister graduating from high school on Friday night and will be headed to Lexington, Kentucky for the Alltech Symposium Sunday morning. Whew…

Somewhere in the middle I must keep working on my research proposal and plans for graduate school. My research project won’t go down with out a little planning and a lot of reading and writing. Who knew there was so much to feeding pregnant cows? I’ve dubbed my reading and writing as #ThePile because it is always growing and never seems to be left far behind. In fact, I even sat up a desk at my parent’s house to continue working.

#ThePile consists of my literature review – covering all I can find on my research topic. Has someone done something similar? How can I make my research different? What do I need to look at? What do I need to know about this topic? All in preparation for my thesis. It’s a big task, but with a little planning, I think this #AgNerd will enjoy it. (Remind me of this when I’m banging my head on the wall for stress relief).

Stay tuned. I’ll use my reading as material for my blog posts. Writing out information usually helps me remember things better, so I’ll probably use it as an excuse to keep up with my blogging habits. Gotta work on the SEO! (Again, #AgNerd comment there!) Ok, back to working on #ThePile!

How’s your summer kicking off?

Crossing the Mississippi River at Memphis! Back to the Natural State and rough highways.
Look who I found! Pistol gets to come back home with me!
Watching thousands of people trudge through the mud made for some good people watching at the Warrior Dash!
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