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Graduate School Chronicles of #ThePile

I’ve been a bit absent minded the past few weeks. Between the end of classes, finals, moving back to Middle Tennessee for the summer, cheering on my buddy in the Warrior Dash, and coming home to see the folks, I would have lost my head if it wasn’t screwed on tight. The future doesn’t look […]

Photo Friday: On The Business End

This is the last day of classes! Barring two final exams at the end of next week, I have survived my first semester of graduate school! But in classic fashion, as soon as there is something to celebrate, something else goes wrong… I walked into the office at 7 this morning to get some work […]

Back To School – Appreciation For My Experiences

Yep, I’m headed back to school this week, just as I have done for 17 years of my life (geeze… that makes it sound like forever). This time around I’m in Knoxville, Tennessee working on my Master’s in Animal Science, studying Reproduction Physiology – in short, mostly cattle reproduction. Living in a town apartment isn’t […]

Learning Something New: Artificial Insemination

It’s a 3 hour drive back to the house, across the Tennessee River and on highways unknown. Maybe it’s enough time for my fingers to thaw and feet to warm. After standing in the cold barn with snow cover all day, I’m mighty glad to remember the thermals and thick socks. I learned a new piece […]

Why Graduate School?

When I miss an opportunity or mess up on a question, I tend to take it as a challenge. A few weeks ago I traveled to Knoxville for my formal interview with the Animal Science graduate committee. Looking back, I would sure like to have a redo on a few questions. Surely, I am not […]

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