It might be a bit old school, but I get pretty excited to receive some snail mail. Last year I had my project to collect postcards from all 50 states (still working on that), so the mail box was always baring some sort of Agriculture fact fun. About the only let down is a box full of junk mail and bills.

Lately it seems as soon as I have a long day on campus or am really feeling a return to bed, I get some great surprises in the mail box. One week it was an Amazon mp3 gift card – filled my need for some fresh Texas Country tunes right there!

Then I got an awesome hat from the V8 ranch in Texas!

This week I got an awesome hat and WTF (Where’s The Farmer, Without The Food) t-shirt and hat from JP!

But last week was by far the strangest, most unique, most fitting box from people who really “get” my AgNerd tendencies. Keep in mind that I am studying beef cattle reproduction in school, so I could do nothing but laugh when I found a preserved cow reproductive tract in the box. Most probably wouldn’t understand, I think it’s awesome.

Then the next part of that box was just as awesome….

A preserved swine heart! Talk about interesting. The wonders of life will never cease to amaze me, and holding an actual heart in my hand is pretty cool. Educators and researchers will often use these preserved organs as teaching tools for those in school. We can read a book and look at pictures all we want, but until you hold the actual organs in your hand, one can never have a full appreciation for the intricacies and complexity of things that make life happen. Pretty darn cool. I’ll have to find an opportunity to show it off in class.

I’ll have to wait and see what the next package brings… What great gifts have you received via snail mail lately?