March 8th in National Agriculture Day, which also begins the 3rd year of my blogging efforts for Agriculture Proud. To celebrate I have some things in the works, but I need your help.

The first thing I need a hand with is photos. What makes you think of the diversity of Agriculture?

Modern agriculture covers a huge swath of operations. Everything from large farms and ranchers, to local providers of natural/organic products. We can’t forget our educators, researchers, service providers, and even consumers that make modern Agriculture possible. It’s impossible to depict in one little post (which is a hint on what I’m working on for March!).

So if ya’ll follow my blog you’ve seen many of my favorite photos from the ranches, but that’s just one sample. So what photos come to mind when you try to describe what makes your Agriculture Proud???

This photo is from my friend Katy-Jane in Wyoming. Coming down from the mountains over looking the Basin. On a clear day you can see the mountains that are 100 miles across the Basin.

Here’s sort of a competition. I’m just a college student these days, so I have no big prizes to win. But I promise I’ll use the winning photo for the entire month of March in my project.

Here’s the rules…

  • Select a photo that describes why you are proud to be a part of your role in agriculture
  • Include a caption explaining as much
  • Post the photo on the I am Agriculture Proud Facebook Fan Page
  • OR email the photo to with subjectline of “AgProud Photos”
  • I’ll share the top 5 photos next Monday and allow you to vote on your favorites

So get to digging out those photos and sharing why you are proud to be a part of Agriculture. Remember this is building up to National Ag Day on March 8th, where we’ll be telling everyone why we’re Proud to be a part of Agriculture!