In case you missed it last night…

Every other Thursday evening you can find a group of forage and livestock producers and enthusiasts chatting it up on Twitter. It’s like a meeting at the coffee shop, only we’re spread out from one end of the country to the next: Canada to Texas and New Hampshire to Washington. I have a great time conversing with this crowd and swapping management ideas. When moderating I usually try to ask a few questions that will stimulate some thought and maybe kindle some new connections in the agriculture world.

Here’s the archive from last night’s conversation. Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

Winter Livestock Care and Forage Management
Q1 How are you faring the winter weather so far? Are abnormal weather patterns affecting area operations?

Q2 How are you managing forages, other supplements to stretch hay supplies?
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Q3 What methods are used for feeding hay in your region? How do you minimize pasture damage?
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Q4 Do you monitor livestock body condition during winter? What are your biggest challenges maintaining weight?
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Q5 What methods do you use to prepare livestock for winter storms? (via @PNWrancher)

Q6 How can I start planning now for changes to forage, grazing management in 2012?
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Q7 Even in the middle of winter we can begin planning pasture renovations. Do you have any improvements planned?

Q8 We’re a month into 2012. How are your resolutions holding out? What do you plan to improve on this year?

Q9 The Cattle Industry Convention is in Nashville next week. Will you be attending any conferences in the next few months?

You can follow the conversation on your Twitter account by following the #HayTalk hashtag. If you’re not on Twitter, you can log onto, search for “haytalk” and view the conversation without participating.

Conversations are every other Thursday at 9p.m. Eastern. Next meeting February 9th.

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