This is my last week working at the research center in Middle Tennessee. Soon I’ll be headed home for Christmas and then Knoxville to begin classes in January. (Still looking for a place to live once I get there, in case ya know someone…) This week I’ve been covering at the bull barn so others can have some time off work before the¬†holidays. Working in the dairy barn was fun, and I definitely left with a greater appreciation for their work to produce milk.

As ¬†I was cleaning water tanks earlier in the week, the bulls would gather around with interest. A few of the more tame bulls would come up and start sniffing and rubbing on the new pen ornament (at least I think that’s how they view it as I’m pretzeled up in the tank box). One bull in particular is like a big pet. As I was cleaning the tank in his pen he proceeded to share the love and take a few layers of skin off my arm. Have you ever been licked by a cow? It’s more rough than sandpaper. Guess he was in need of some salt.

Then there were other bulls who think jeans are fun to take a bite out of and the boots needed cleaning. Can ya feel the love from em?

I’ll give em a good scratch behind that ears and a good rub on the back if they stick that close. It’s good to be working this close with cattle.