Spotify and Texas Country Addiction

Someone needs to remove Spotify from my computer for me. Or I’m gonna have to get a bigger data plan. Pandora mixes too many Nashville tunes in the list. This player hits it just right. Select one of my favorite Texas Country artists and the room is filled with awesomeness. Pretty sure in another life I was a Texas artist. Too bad all that talent was left behind.

I may have left Texas a year ago, but the music culture stuck. That’s also where I learned to two-step. (Unfortunately, it’s not the same this far East and I’m getting a bit rusty.) I really wish I could share my love for the artists and lyrics of my Texas Country tunes, but people this side of the Mississippi have been smothered with Nashville. I mention the likes of Aaron Watson, Robert Earl Keen, or Turnpike Troubadours and people think I’m crazy. Then I try Pat Green, Gary Allen, or Eli Young, and they’re like “I think I heard that Crazy Girl song once.” Geeze.

This is where Spotify and my iPod save me…

3rd Gear and 17 is one of my favorites from Aaron Watson. It’ll always receive a rewind when it turns up on the playlist.


  1. It's like your another world away, only just south a couple states. So many things are different, yet the same. Up here, you get the repeat of the same new country songs playing on a loop. I listen to the IHeartRadio app on my phone from different radio stations, my favorite being one from Cheyenne. They play the old time country music with a little of the new mixed in. It'd be great to hear from singer/songwriters I've never heard of. Thanks for sharing the music, going to have to broaden my horizens and listen to some stations from the south 🙂

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