How would you farm differently if a total stranger (non-farmer/rancher) followed you around all day?

I am always up for some good conversation between bloggers that inspire new blog post ideas. This past week Ryan Bright (Tennessee dairy farmer, @farmerbright) sent me a message with this thought. How would we work differently with a non-farmer following?
Your first impulse may simply be to do nothing differently, but is that really the truth? Would you really do everything the same in a day’s work? Would you be able to answer questions? Why do you do things in a certain way? Why is it that you pick up the house when guests show up? I know whenever guests are expected at the farm or ranch, there’s usually a little extra straightening up, whether we realize it or not.

So on Tuesday, November 15 we invite you to post your thoughts on the topic. Have you hosted visitors on your farm? Please share the experience with others, share a few questions you may have received, and offer any advice. Use your blog, facebook, twitter, and other social media sites to share your thoughts. The goal is to encourage agriculture to evaluate how we would react to visitors, and reflect on knowledge of our daily practices. This is also a great opportunity to share our thoughts with non-farm consumers and open our doors of transparency.

Be sure to post your thoughts or blog links on the Blogging for Agriculture Facebook page or use the #farmvisit tag on twitter.