This week hasn’t been the best of times. I’ve been down with my seasonal sinus infection and the wonderful meds from the doctor have not been kind. Work has been interesting…

Safe to say I’ve been a bit stressed. SO I need to look on the bright side and be thankful. Yesterday we pregnancy checked 90 cows and turned em out on fresh pastures. This morning I was asked via tweet when we preg check cows. Pregnancy can be determined as early as 30-45 days with an ultrasound, but later in gestation (~5 months) most checking is done by rectal palpation. Cattle producers want to make sure we’re feeding bred cows during the winter months and be able to cull out any open cows that will be having a calf this go round.

Anyway, despite whatever else is going on in life, I should be thankful for being able to work on the ranch, with cows, bulls, and yearlings, watching the sunrise each morning, and being able to sleep in a warm bed each night. Hope you’ll find something to be thankful about today, and every day of the week.

Oh yeah, here’s a few photos shot with my Blackberry (yeah I made the switch to a smart phone. Feels kinda dirty leaving my dumbphone, but more on that later).

Waiting their turn for the check out line!
End of the day: Everyone is on fresh, green pastures!