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Thankful Thursday: Pregnancy Checking Cows

This week hasn’t been the best of times. I’ve been down with my seasonal sinus infection and the wonderful meds from the doctor have not been kind. Work has been interesting… Safe to say I’ve been a bit stressed. SO I need to look on the bright side and be thankful. Yesterday we pregnancy checked […]

Cow Efficiency Topic of Cattlemen’s Meeting

Nothing beats a meal of good bbq and good conversation with older cattlemen from the area. The one place to find such a thing is at a County Cattlemen’s meeting. I have always enjoyed traveling to these meetings across Arkansas with my dad. Our family’s cattle auction gives him a pretty good excuse to visit […]

Photo Friday: Weaning Calves on the Ranch

Another one of my favorite seasons in ranch life: Weaning Time! Besides the fact that I have 85 cows standing outside my house bawling for their calves, it is perfect weather to open the windows and let the fresh air in. Mornings this week have been dropping down into the mid-40s and low-50s; perfect weather […]

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