It’s All-Hallows-Eve and the critters will be out and about later tonight. I really don’t have much of a sweet tooth, so you could give me a bowl of candy and it would go stale before I ate much of it.

As I look back at the many costumes I wore as a kid, I think I had fun. My family didn’t exactly live in a neighborhood for trick or treating. When you live miles away, it makes things a bit more difficult. I do remember driving out the fire station a few times for candy, and we always had a neighbor (a few miles away) that had candy apples for us to enjoy while the adults caught up.

The closest we ever got to trick or treating was the school’s Fall Carnival. My favorite costume ever was Huckleberry Finn; blacked out tooth, cane pole, and everything. I remember being in the school’s costume parade, but sorry all of the photos are at home. I remember a clown costume, with the multi-colored wig. When I made it to college, we usually had some get togethers. One year I was a bull rider and another was an Oklahoma State Cowboys football fan. Actually had a “twinkie” with the same shirt and camo hat. Yeah, I know, I’m pretty original on these things.

My favorite part of Halloween? The Fall season. I grew up on a ridge where the leaves dried up quickly and the yard was long turned brown. The calves have been weaned and are starting to gain some ground out in the pastures. Fall calving cows are calving, serving as a source for excitement for the one who bottle fed all the orphans. As the days began to cool off, my dad, brothers, and I would be out cutting firewood for the furnace.

Yeah, pretty sure my favorite part of Halloween is still the season in ranch life.
Whether you’re out this afternoon gathering candy, cattle, or firewood, be sure to have a safe and Happy Halloween!