One day, never been East of Memphis. Then BOOM, next day I’m livin in Middle Tennessee. Today completes my first week at the Middle Tennessee Research and Education Center just south of Nashville. We’ve got a good Bull Test station running here along with several other cattle projects. I’m really looking forward to my time spent with the guys here.

I did fully realize the extent of Tennessee cattle production, til I got here and started looking around. East Tenn is composed of mostly smaller herds. As you transition into Middle Tenn, the herd size begins to increase and in the Western third of the state, the average herd size increases to somewhere close to 80 head. This follows the landscape changes of the land; transitioning to the foothills and plateau of the East, to the Mississippi Delta crop land of the West.

Since I’ve already shared a few Tennessee Ag Facts with you, I thought it only appropriate to share some facts about Tennessee’s grand ole livestock and cattle business with ya’ll.

  • Tennessee Livestock directly adds to the state’s economy:
    • $150.8 million
    • 25,480 jobs
    • $1.86 billion – when you add total effects together
  • Tennessee Cattle and Calves directly add to the state’s economy:
    • $70.0 million
    • 17,729 jobs
    • $814.8 million – when you add total effects together
  • Beef cattle comprise Tennessee’s number one farm product
  • Tenn had more than $409 million in cash receipts from cattle and calves. THis in 19% of total agricultural cash receipts in the state
  • Tenn has more than 1 million beef cows
  • All of Tenn’s 95 counties have cattle operations
  • Tenn has 8 counties with at least 50,000 head of cattle each and 7 counties with 40,000-50,000 head each
  • Tenn has 28 cattle auction markets across the state

**Source Tennessee Extension

How does your state rank in cattle production?