Customer Service Hits and Misses

Because I’ve had a few highs and lows on the customer service train this week…

Southwest Airlines is “Sky High” with their customer service. No hitches or bumps in the road (minus the turbulence from the Tropical storm in the Gulf, but that’s no one’s fault) booking my flights or receiving regular updates on flight status. The curbside baggage check-in was awesome in Little Rock and Denver. And baggage claim went off great as well. All of the flight attendants were fantastic and cheerful. On my flight from Denver, they even made sure this 6’4″ guy had a chance at the extra leg room in exchange for sitting in the emergency exits seats! If only they’d ask me to sit there every time, I’d be more than willing to help in an emergency! Oh and with Rapid Rewards, I’m half-way to a free flight already! If we could just do something about that annual fee on the Chase card… Overall, Southwest gets an “Awesome!

Dish Network is… Well, how low can we go? Over the past 3 weeks, I’ve made 4 phone calls, sat on hold for what seems like hours, and exchanged several emails. The customer service agents recommend other service plans or recite what I can read on the bill in front of me instead of answering my questions directly or informing me of all options for my plan. After three attempts, I have failed to be put in touch with any supervisors. Dish is merciless to individual circumstances and instead throws the book of “rules” at anyone calling a support line.What I expected to be a $5 statement for putting my service on pause, turned out to be a $300 cancellation notice because Dish failed to record sending me a new receiver and instead just shut off my service when I followed directions and returned the old one. If you’re looking to get any response at all contact the Dish guys via Facebook or Twitter, at least they’ll respond to your questions… Overall, Dish gets an “Epic Fail” and once I find some dough, I’ll rid myself of their service and never recommend their service to  anyone.

My bank gets a middle of the road rating. The teller demonstrated how he can’t read a printed check or deposit slip today when he messed up my deposit. However, all is fair and good in the land of Oz because we got it all straightened out in 5. (But I could still use that $1 million)

Now that I have that off my chest… How’s the customer service world treating you these days?


  1. A few weeks back I had a screaming match with FedEx. I friend was going to China and adoption papers she needed were not delivered. She was so stressed I called FedEx for her. They had no idea why they didn't make it out in time. I told them she was leaving the next day and they needed to make it a first in the morning delivery. They said nope. The sender didn't pay for next day shipping so they would only send it two day. Arrrrg. I finally got through to a supervisor who told me the same thing. What kind of service is that? They forgot to ship it out and then wouldn't make it right? I got through to the supervisors supervisor and read her the riot act. She called the shipper got them to agree to pay for overnight shipping (wouldn't let us do that), then called the San Diego office to get them to send it over night, first thing. SD told her that they already put it in the container for two day shipping and wouldn't go back and get it. They also would not redirect it to China. They knew we were trying to get it sent over night, you'd think they'd hold it out. At that point I swear they did it on purpose. It finally arrived a few days after she left. Half of what she went to China for could not get done. I felt so bad for her. Everyone at FedEx was very nice, they would not clean up their own mess. I hate that. I had to ship some stuff to my niece the other day and went down to the post office. Screw FedEx.

  2. Hi, my name is Alicia Brink, I am with DISH Network. I wanted to apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused you and for the bad experience you have received. Where most cases our business rules apply we do have the opportunity to look at your situation and provide you with options based on a case by case basis. We would love to look into this further for you and hopefully rectify this situation for you. I understand that you may be hesitant due to the trouble you have had in the past but if given a chance I would love to help. Please email me directly at

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