Southwest airlines was awesome to me last week. 4 flights, nothing was lost, everything was on time (minus a bit of rerouting at the end, but what ya gonna do about a hurricane?). Arkansas, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas all look different from the sky. Taking off and landing are like a ride on the roller coaster. I experienced my first rough landing the deserved a big applause that we made it safely. And I spent 14 hours in the airports and airplanes Saturday. Oh and how could I forget catching up on a week’s worth of messages after my break from social media and computers? I’m done for…

8 hours in the air and more in the airports made for a good time to crack open a new book. 100 pages in and I can’t put it down. Anyone already read this one?

Travel 100 miles just to ride in the rear of a cattle move? Yeah that sounds like the kind of trip I would take,

Got to watch the sunset from Houston on the way to Little Rock. Late flights to LR are always fun! Not only because I’m headed home, but the people are always awesome and ready to strike up a conversation. Let’s call those Hogs!
More photos from my trip to come on Wordless Wednesday!