So just a brief update. I’ve had several people ask for more about Pistol. More photos. More stories. More about what the life of a cow dog is like. So she now has a Twitter (@PistolCowDog) and a Tumblr photo blog (PistolCowDog). I know it’s crazy, right? Next thing ya know she’ll have her own facebook fan page (I don’t see that coming too soon…) But I thought this would be a great way to share photos of her and let ya know how she’s doin. I’ll try to get a few photos of her tromping about. For now, here’s a lil comparison of how she’s grown.

Can’t believe I got her a year ago this week for my birthday. We’ve had quite the adventrues so far.

Here she is as a pup last fall.

At a year old, she’s still a lay on your lap dog and spoiled