Ever wonder what farming or ranching is like not only in your area, but other regions of the country as well? I always find it fascinating how production methods vary between regions and farms. I don’t know much about row crops, but I’ve learned a bit about pasture management. We don’t do much irrigation in Arkansas, but I’ve run a few pivots and wheel-lines in Wyoming. Wouldn’t it be neat to get a snap shot of a day in the life of a farmer in another state? 

“Day in Farm Life” is all about farming and ranching across the country and highlights the differences between regions, livestock ,and crop operations. I’m looking for guest posts, so get to sending them my way. Here are a few points to cover:

  • Start off with where you live and what crops/livestock you produce
  • Pick your favorite production season and describe a general day’s events
    • This can be any time of year
    • Describe some things that may be unique in your area
  • Is farming/ranching a family affair, or are you first generation
  • Describe an aspect of your production you wish consumers would better understand
  • Explain why you are proud to be a part of Agriculture
  • Include an agriculture fact that is unique to your state

A few formating notes

  • Try to keep it under/around 500 words
  • Be sure to include at least 2 photos (more welcome)
    • If you are a person who prefers only a few words and more photos, that will work great for Wordless Wednesday!
  • Include links to any social network profiles, blogs, etc
  • Like using video to share your story? This would work great!
    • Upload to YouTube and send me the link
    • If you do not have a YouTube account, I can upload it for you

Email your post to agricultureproud@hotmail.com along with your photos and/or video. I’m looking at starting this series in September so get those posts together. Please share this link with any friends. The more locations covered, the more we can learn about farming and ranching across the country.

Not a farmer or rancher? What questions or points would you like to hear from these posts?